Fliff Sports Betting Promo Codes & Sign-up Bonus 2024

Double your Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash at Fliff Social Sportsbook

Fliff is a social sportsbook, meaning it allows users to play for free or collect cash prizes in non-traditional ways. While it is free-to-play, the site allows users to indirectly win real money through sweepstakes rules that are legal in most states, including Texas. Sign up with Fliff Social Sportsbook to receive a deposit match bonus up to $100 in Fliff Cash, plus get 600,000 Fliff Coins. Be sure to enter the Fliff bonus code PLAYTX. 

Fliff Social Sportsbook has two ways to make sports picks. If you want to play for fun and track your status on the leaderboard, play using Fliff Coins. Those who want to play for a chance at cash prizes use Fliff Cash. Visitors have four different ways to collect Fliff Cash, including several that do not require purchases. Besides the two forms of currency above, Fliff also tracks XP, which are redeemable for gift cards.

Why sign up with Fliff Social Sportsbook?
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 600,000 Fliff Coins + $100 Fliff Cash on purchase.
  • Sweepstakes rules make it legal to play at Fliff Social Sportsbook in most U.S. states.
  • Accumulate Fliff Cash without making a purchase by answering social media questions or asking for Fliff Cash via mail.
  • Make sports bets like you would on DraftKings and FanDuel.
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Fliff promo codes and sign-up bonus for May 2024

Join Fliff Social Sportsbook using the Fliff bonus code PLAYTX to get a two-part welcome bonus in May 2024. Your first deposit will be matched 100% for up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and you can get up to $100 in Fliff Cash as a free bonus.

Fliff Bonus CodePLAYTX
Sign-up Bonus100% match up to 600,000 Fliff Coins + $100 Fliff Cash with purchase
Minimum PurchaseNon-traditional payment system. Fliff Coins are to play for fun; Fliff Cash can be redeemed for cash prizes
Purchase OptionsInstant Bank Transfer, Standard Bank Transfer, Skrill
Promotions1.00 Fliff Cash when you log into the site each per day
Last UpdatedMay 19, 2024

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see Fliff Social Sportsbook for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+ 

What to know about the Fliff Social Sportsbook welcome bonus

When you sign up for a valid new player account, you’ll receive 5,000 Fliff Coins. These are free credits that cannot be cashed out for real money. When you make a first purchase, you’ll receive up to $100 Fliff Cash that’s matched dollar for dollar. Buyers also receive up to 600,000 in matching Fliff Coins for the same payment.

Players also can collect Experience Points (XP), which help them climb the leaderboard and earn achievement badges. XP also have real-world value because you can convert them into gift cards for 200 famous brands in retail, entertainment, food service, and other categories.

Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash, and XP are connected in various ways. Often, if you collect one, you’ll collect a few of another value tracking system (currency). For example, you can make picks with Fliff Coins to complete the day’s challenges. Each challenge unlocks 2 XP, while completing all five challenges earns a player an extra five XP.

In essence, Fliff Social Sportsbook has a lot of bonus promotions for continuing players. This applies to those who play for fun or with Fliff Cash.

How does Fliff Social Sportsbook work?

Fliff Social Sportsbook differs from standard online sportsbooks in the way its site credits work. You use Fliff Coins to make sports bets on the social sportsbook, though those coins cannot be cashed out for real money. Instead, you collect free Fliff Cash as you accumulate Fliff Coins. The Fliff Cash can be cashed out for real money once it’s been bet, won, and reached a balance of 50.

  • Fliff Coins: Claim free coins or purchase more in the shop. Make picks to climb the leaderboards, level up, earn badges, and gain followers. Earn loyalty XP rewards by making picks.
  • Fliff Cash: These can be claimed through select coin purchases or alternative giveaways. Redeemable for gift cards and cash prizes. Minimum price value is 50 USD.
  • Experience Points (XP): Earn 1 XP for every 1,000 Coins the first time you play with them. Earn more XP by referring friends and completing challenges. Convert your XP to gift cards or Fliff Coins.

How to collect Fliff Cash

  1. Receive Fliff Cash as a free bonus when collecting Fliff Coins. When you collect Fliff Coins (without a purchase), you’ll receive Fliff Cash. If your balance falls below 5 Fliff Cash, the site will give you small increments of Fliff Cash daily.
  2. Receive Fliff Cash as a free bonus when purchasing Fliff Coins. If you purchase Fliff Coins, then you automatically receive free Fliff Cash. Applicable bonuses are clearly displayed at the time of purchase.
  3. Receive Fliff Cash when entering no-cost giveaway contests on the Fliff social media pages. The free giveaways require people to share posts or answer game-related questions to be eligible for entry.
  4. Receive Fliff Cash by sending a request via mail. Full details can be found on the Fliff website.

Fliff eligibility

Residents of 34 US states and Washington DC can receive Fliff Cash in all four ways without legal limitations. Residents of 11 other states can receive Fliff Cash under two conditions: as a free bonus when purchasing Fliff Coins and by mailing a request for Fliff Cash. People in five US states cannot participate in the Fliff sweepstakes at all.

Full participation

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • The District of Columbia

Limited Participation (Fliff Coins)

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina


  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • Washington

Signing up at Fliff Social Sportsbook

Here’s a look at how signing up with Fliff Social Sportsbook works.

When we clicked “Sign Up” on an iPhone, Fliff gave us the choice to sign in using Apple, Google, Twitter, or email. We chose email, and the registration form asked for a username, email, and password. Also, we were required to check a box stating that (1) we were at least 18 years old and (2) accepted the terms of use and sweepstakes rules.

Once this happened, we were redirected to a screen where we could input the Fliff referral/promo code – this is where you’ll enter PLAYTX to receive your Fliff welcome bonus. The other option is “Let’s Play” while the message below states that residents of 10 different states are not eligible for prizes. Those states are Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington (state). Next, it asked for a phone number that would accept the verification code.

Once we verified our account, we were directed to the Fliff sports betting screen. The site said we could play four challenges for 5,000 coins.

In our case, the challenges were (1) to make a straight pick, (2) choose between The Netherlands and Croatia in a UEFA match, (3) pick between the New York Yankees and New York Mets, and (4) pick between Los Angeles FC and the Houston Dynamo in an MLS match. Each challenge was worth 2 XP apiece, while completing all four challenges was worth a bonus 5 XP.

Can you win money at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Yes. You can indirectly earn money at Fliff Social Sportsbook without spending money. Players can also purchase Fliff Coins to get their hands on the accompanying free Fliff Cash. That said, the sports betting contests work similarly to how they do at traditional online sportsbooks.

For legal reasons, the way players get paid is a little different. You can redeem Fliff Cash (which is given and earned, never bought), and then that currency is redeemable for cash prizes after you bet it, win, and reach a balance of 50 Fliff Cash.

What’s great about Fliff Social Sportsbook?

  • Full range of sports betting markets, including wagers on football, baseball, basketball, and other college and pro sports that Americans love.
  • Boosted bets work much like at legal online sportsbooks.
  • The ability to collect Fliff Coins and Cash in non-traditional ways. This includes collecting coins on the Cashier page every two hours, answering online trivia, and sending requests through snail mail.
  • In-play betting page that’s similar to live betting platforms at traditional online sportsbooks.

What’s missing from Fliff Social Sportsbook?

  • No desktop software. For now, players must use Fliff with their mobile devices. Download apps from the Google Play or App Store.
  • The link between Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash, and XP can be confusing to newcomers. If it helps, Coins and Cash are for making bets, while XP help you earn gift cards.
  • The site needs more purchase and redemption options.

How do purchases and redemptions work at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Players do not have a lot of payment methods right now, so you’ll need to use either a traditional bank transfer or instant bank transfer. If you don’t want to use your bank account, you’ll need to use Skrill. Skrill is a trusted and fast web wallet, but transactions cost a fee.

Purchases can be confusing because of the different value tracking systems. Participants use Fliff Coins to make sports betting picks for fun. They can buy more coins, which will include the second Fliff Cash currency. This is a sweepstakes currency that can be claimed for free during promotional periods. Fliff Cash can be redeemed for money after it has been played at least once at odds of -300 or lower. That means bets of -200, -100, +100, +200, or lesser count as rollover, but bets of -400 or higher do not count as rollover.

Claim 5,000 Fliff Coins plus 1 Fliff Cash when you start. Claim more Fliff Coins every two hours in the Cashier. Also, you can purchase Fliff Coins at the rates stated below.

Fliff purchases

PurchaseNumber of Fliff Coins

Fliff redemptions

Payment TypeMin. PayoutMax. Payout
Instant Bank Transfer$50$5,000
Standard Bank Transfer$50$5,000

Redeem Fliff Cash with an instant bank transfer, standard bank transfer, or Skrill withdrawal. Again, the banking options are limited but should grow in number as the site gets more established. Players can also earn gift cards using XP. We counted nearly 200 different gift cards from top brands (more below).

Earning XP

If you prefer, you can use XP to purchase more Fliff Coins or purchase gift cards. You can use the gift cards at hundreds of offline businesses. Go to the Rewards page to earn and spend XP points. Players earn 1 XP point for every 1,000 Fliff Coins they bet. A person also can earn XP points by completing challenges or inviting friends. You’ll receive 2 points per challenge completed or 200 XP points for every $5 your friends spend at Fliff. This offer tops out at 10,000 XP points per friend.

  • Make Picks: Earn 1 XP for every 1,000 Fliff Coins bet the first time they’re used.
  • Challenges: Earn 2 XP for every completed Daily Challenge.
  • Invite Friends: Earn 200 XP for every $1 your friends spend on Fliff, up to a maximum of 10,000 XP.
  • Bonus XP: Receive a bonus 100 XP when you earn another 2,000 XP.

Spending XP

The same screen allows you to use XP to purchase coin bundles or purchase gift cards. 100 XP allow you to buy $1 USD in coin bundles or gift cards.

  • Purchase Coins: Use your XP balance to purchase Fliff Coins and climb the leaderboards.
  • Purchase Gift Cards: Use your XP balance to purchase gift cards from your favorite brands.

Use XP to purchase gift cards from your favorite brands. Participating brands include Airbnb, Chipotle, Domino’s, DoorDash, Grubhub, Hotels.com, Stubhub, Uber, Uber Eats, Google Play, and more. That list of brands is extensive but not endless. For instance, we found gift cards for Adidas and Under Armour but not for Nike. CVS participates, but Walgreens does not.

To make searching easier, Fliff places brands into categories: Home, Pets, Entertainment, Apparel, Travel, Dining and Delivery, Automotive, Baby and Kids, Sports and Outdoors, Beauty, Shoes, and Grocery. If you prefer, you can search through All Categories.

Can I play at Fliff Social Sportsbook for free?

Yes, you can play at Fliff Social Sportsbook for free using Fliff Coins. A whole system for competing against friends and Fliff members for prestige and bragging rights exists by earning badges or tracking your progress on the leaderboards.

If you want to play at Fliff Social Sportsbook for possible cash prizes, then you’ll want to keep track of your Fliff Cash. This is sweepstakes currency accrued by building your Fliff Coin balance. Fliff Cash can also be collected for free during promotional periods.

Fliff Social Sportsbook overview

Fliff Social Sportsbook offers Texans a good way to make sports picks, whether you play for real money or fun. Those who want a handy way to compete against friends in sports betting without spending money should like the leaderboard and badge-collecting systems. Fliff is especially valuable to those who want to play for fun with friends but also want to cash out their sports picks for cash prizes later on.

If you find the complexity of Fliff Social Sportsbook’s value tracking systems confusing, then you won’t be the only one. Any sweepstakes gaming site is going to have two currencies, one for fun play and one for sweepstakes play. Adding a third tracking system (XP) adds another degree of complexity that some might find off-putting. XP give players one more useful way to cash out though, so it’s worthwhile.

The purchase and redemption system needs improvement. Also, it is strange that the site doesn’t support desktop gaming at the moment (it says this is coming). For now, you will need to play using your Android or iOS device. The mobile interface works well, though we noticed a slight pause when opening a new bet screen on an iPhone.

What’s great is Fliff allows Texas players to make legal sports bets for the possibility of cash prizes. The sweepstakes aspect is an adjustment, but that’s the price you pay for having legal sweepstakes gambling. Fliff Social Sportsbook is a good idea that should get better over time.

Fliff Social Sportsbook FAQ

Yes. Sign up with Fliff using the Fliff Social Sportsbook code PLAYTX to receive 5,000 Fliff Coins. Make a purchase to receive up to 600,000 Fliff Coins, plus $100 free Fliff Cash. Fliff also allows players to receive additional Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash by simply logging into the site each day, though the advantages are minimal. Other methods for collecting bonus coins and cash are available.

You need to be 18 or older and inside a state where Fliff is legal. Fliff is legal in 49 states (besides Washington), but some states limit players’ ability to make sports bets on the site. See the full explanation above. Whatever state you’re in, the minimum age for playing is 18.

Yes, in a roundabout way. The sweepstakes rules are a legal way to win cash prizes through sports betting. In some cases, you can acquire free cash or site credits to make sports bets without purchasing Fliff Coins. For instance, you can win Fliff Cash by answering trivia on Fliff’s social media channels or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope asking for Fliff Cash.

At the same time, those who want to play with a lot of Fliff Coins will need to make a purchase. This Fliff app is like many gaming apps that offer purchase packages. You can play for free but may end up wanting to buy coins.

You can make sports bets on a full range of pro and college sporting events. Betting markets include football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, MMA, boxing, esports, and more.

Yes. Fliff is a mobile app that lets participants play a sports prediction game for entertainment. The app gives away sweepstakes entries known as Fliff Cash, which can, in turn, be redeemed for cash prizes if you successfully bet with it.

While the game supports sports betting, the sweepstakes rules work just like other sweepstakes games you might have played through McDonald’s or other chain restaurants. Thus, the current sweepstakes period began on June 1, 2023 and ends on June 30, 2023.

It’s better than DraftKings and FanDuel if you want to make sports bets without risking your cash. Fliff is a good way to keep score among friends to see who is better at sports betting.

If you want to play for a lot of real money—anywhere in the range of $600 or more—then DraftKings or FanDuel will make much more sense. At Fliff, those who request payouts of more than $599 must go through an additional verification process. Payouts can take 30 days, might be made in more than one installment, and can be canceled by Fliff for any reason. Getting paid hundreds of dollars through FanDuel or DraftKings is a little easier.