NFL Prop Bets

When Texas legalizes sports betting, football fans throughout the state will be fascinated by the wealth of NFL prop bets.

For the uninitiated, “prop” is short for “proposition,” which means a bet not connected directly to a game’s main outcome. Prop bets can be linked to individual player performances, like yards gained by a running back or thrown for by a quarterback.

They can be associated with the winner of season awards, like NFL MVP odds or Rookie of the Year odds. They can also hinge on team performance, like whether the Dallas Cowboys will kick over or under three field goals.

See below for how to find the best NFL player and team props at Texas sportsbooks.

This week’s NFL prop odds

When NFL betting sites get the green light in Texas, you’ll find the latest NFL prop odds here. You can even search for specific players to see their props for every game.

If you think Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks is due for a big day, you can check out available NFL props for him here. Even Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons will have prop bets linked to his performance each week.

This is also where you can be go directly to one of the popular Texas sportsbooks to sign in and claim a new user bonus.

Best NFL prop betting sites in Texas

On the day Texas legalizes sports betting, expect to see a lot of well-known sportsbooks move into the Lone Star State and get in on the action. We don’t know exactly which sportsbooks will be certified to operate in Texas, but we can look at what type of NFL prop bets they have offered in other states.

DraftKings NFL prop bets

DraftKings Sportsbook has more prop bets than Texas has steakhouses. This sportsbook, which started as a fantasy sports site, offers NFL prop betting options like these:

  • To Score in Both Halves: Sounds easy, but you’d be surprised. This is a bet based on a team’s ability to score points in both the first and second half.
  • First Score: This is another DraftKings special. How will a game’s first points be scored: a touchdown, a field goal or a safety?
  • Race to ‘X’ Points: Which of the two teams in an NFL game will first reach 10 points, 15 points or 20 points? DraftKings also gives you the option to bet neither. In that case, you’re banking on a defensive struggle.

FanDuel NFL prop bets

What started as a fantasy sports site now reigns as one of the top sportsbooks in the United States. FanDuel hasn’t lost its fantasy roots, and FanDuel Sportsbook offers a massive list of NFL prop bets like these.

  • First Touchdown Scorer Prop: This is a player prop where you get to pick who is going to be the first Cowboy or Texan to cross the goal line…or maybe one of their opponents.
  • Last Touchdown Scorer: Hey, if we did the first TD scorer, why not the last? NFL games usually have at least a couple of touchdowns, and this bet is on which player gets the last one.
  • 2nd Half Winner: A unique offering because a team can lose a game, but still outscore its opponent in the second half. This prop treats the second half like a separate entity. The game starts at halftime. Who wins now?

BetMGM NFL prop bets

Movie star Jamie Foxx is an official BetMGM “brand ambassador.” You’ve seen him on your screen and in magazines touting this sportsbook. He’s also all over the app. BetMGM Sportsbook gets a lot of things right. You’ll like the easy interface and great list of NFL game props like these.

  • Will the Cowboys make the playoffs? We know what Cowboys fans believe. BetMGM offers you a simple yes/no question on each NFL team and whether it will reach the NFL Playoffs this season.
  • Will the Texans win all their road games? Here’s another intriguing team prop bet (though it doesn’t have to be on Houston). Can your team win every game it plays away from home this year?
  • Stage of Elimination: One team, six different outcomes. Will your team miss the playoffs? Lose in the Wild Card Round? Come up short in the Divisional Round? Finally bow out in the Conference Championship Round? Win or lose the Super Bowl?

Caesars NFL prop bets

Caesars caters to a huge audience and boasts a slick interface. It doesn’t offer as many off-the-wall prop bets as some of its competitors, but it makes up for it with good odds and daily boosts. Among the NFL prop bets to hail at Caesars Sportsbook are:

  • Team To Score Most Touchdowns: This is another clever NFL prop bet because teams can lose games even if they score more touchdowns. (Ever heard of field goals?) This prop bet is based solely on how many times each team gets in the end zone.
  • Total Passing Completions: We’ve done a lot of team prop bets in this section, but this is an example of an individual prop bet. Caesars will set an over/under line on a quarterback’s total completions (say Cowboys QB Dak Prescott), and you decide whether it will be more or fewer.

What are NFL player props?

An NFL player prop is tied to an individual’s game performance. Texas sportsbooks will allow you to bet on which player will score the first touchdown, whether or not the wide receiver will catch over a certain number of passes or if a running back will surpass 100 yards.

There are also player prop bets on the big postseason awards. All season long, the betting odds will fluctuate on who will be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player or Defensive Player of the Year, so you’ll want to check in often.

Most popular NFL player props

It’s all about the points, baby. If fantasy football has taught a generation of Texas football fans anything, it’s that points are cool.

Some of the most popular NFL player prop bets involve scoring touchdowns. That could mean the first touchdown scorer, the last or an anytime scorer, meaning a player who gets in the end zone at any point in a game.

Texas football fans always have their favorite NFL players, and there will be prop bets tied to them as well. For instance, you can bet on how many yards Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott will rack up.

What are NFL team props?

These are based on what a team does in a game. This is different from just betting on the moneyline (a straight win-or-loss wager) or betting with a point spread on an NFL game’s outcome. These are wagers based on a team’s performance in a separate category, like team rushing yards, team sacks or even team penalties.

Most popular NFL team props

When it comes to NFL team prop bets, there’s always the Super Bowl bet. Can the Dallas Cowboys finally get back to the Super Bowl? Can the Texans put it all together and go on a big run? Betting on a team to reach the Super Bowl is a popular bet, because who doesn’t love the Super Bowl?

Other popular NFL team props are based on which team will be the first to reach a set figure in a game (like 10, 15 or 20 points) or how many touchdowns your team will score.

Visit our dedicated Houston Texans odds and Dallas Cowboys odds pages for the latest NFL team and player prop bets.

NFL double result bet

Texas sportsbooks will treat each half of an NFL game like a separate game. This is called a double result bet and has become one of the most popular NFL prop bets. Strategy can change in an NFL game from one half to the next, as can the result.

Let’s say it’s an NFL game between the Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. You can bet on the Colts to be winning at halftime but the Texans to win the game. That’s a double result.

Are there special teams and kicker props?

When it comes to special team and kicker prop bets, the possibilities go on and on. Some NFL prop bets on kickers include how many field goals he will make in a game. Sportsbooks will also set an over/under figure on the distance of a game’s longest field goal. For big games, they’ll even post a number on how many kickoffs will result in touchbacks.

Don’t forget about the return men either! There are prop bets available on whether or not a punt or kickoff will be returned for a touchdown.

Super Bowl prop bets

Super Bowl prop bets have become a pop culture phenomenon. While every NFL contest has prop bets associated with it, some bets are set aside exclusively for the Super Bowl.

Aside from prop bets on the first touchdown scorer and winning margin, when it comes to the Super Bowl, you can bet on the NFL MVP, over/under totals on individual performances, and then off-the-field ephemera.

For instance, sportsbooks will offer the opportunity to bet on the coin toss (friendly note: it has been tails more than heads), the national anthem’s length, and even the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach.

NFL Draft prop bets

The NFL off-season is highlighted by the NFL Draft, where college football players are selected by NFL teams and everyone boos the NFL Commissioner. Sportsbooks have started to take NFL Draft Day seriously, setting up odds on who will be the first player picked.

FanDuel goes even deeper, with NFL Draft props that include the draft by position (will the first pick be an offensive lineman or linebacker?) and who will be the first quarterback taken.

Sportsbook rules for NFL props

Each sportsbook in Texas will have its own separate list of rules governing prop bets and their validity. Most involve whether or not a player is listed as active in a game. If the player is active, then all bets on his performance are live. If a player is listed as inactive, then the bets will be refunded.

All legal and regulated sportsbooks in the United States are required to make their house rules available to their customers.