Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl prop bets have taken off in popularity, just like sports betting across America.

Prop bets aren’t based solely on the game’s outcome, but on an individual play, player or moment. Some aren’t even connected to the action on the field.

While plenty of big bets come in on the Big Game itself, prop bets are the preferred way for new bettors to enjoy every second of the Super Bowl. See below for a walkthrough of the Super Bowl props on offer at Texas online sportsbooks.

Best Texas sportsbooks for Super Bowl props

Each sportsbook has a different feel, so explore your options before picking your main sportsbook for Super Bowl props. Here are the sportsbooks you can expect to be live in Texas and the types of Super Bowl prop bets they offer.

DraftKings Texas Sportbook

One of the masters of fantasy sports, DraftKings has a large and dynamic list of NFL prop odds all season. When the Super Bowl comes around, that increases tenfild. For total volume and variety of Super Bowl prop bets, DraftKings Sportsbook ranks right up there with any sportsbook in existence.

Just a tiny sample of some of DK’s Super Bowl props:

  • First team to 10 points
  • Either team to miss an extra point
  • Shortest TD score
  • Total points scored (odd or even)
  • Team to score on first drive of the game
  • Total yards of longest FG
  • Either team registers a safety
  • Team to score longest TD
  • Total successful FGs
  • Total punts by both teams
  • Total players to attempt a pass
  • Last play of the game to be a kneel down

FanDuel Texas Sportbook

Another big player in the world of fantasy sports, FanDuel Sports has awesome daily games and prizes. It has a different look than the other popular sportsbooks with a blue theme, plus a lean into free-to-play contests and offerings.

It should come as no surprise that FD goes deep on Super Bowl prop bets like these:

Caesars Texas Sportbook

With a seemingly limitless advertising budget, Caesars is the first sportsbook that comes to mind for many fans. New bettors will love its easy-to-understand interface and clean screen. Caesars isn’t as flashy as other national sportsbooks but gives fans what they need. Caesars Sportsbook offers a diverse list of Super Bowl prop bets like:

BetMGM Texas Sportbook

BetMGM has a monster sportsbook and goes heavy on the one-game parlay possibilities. You’ll like the ease with which you can navigate the site. It’s easy to find BetMGM promos and foods boosts, and BetMGM gets creative when it comes to Super Bowl prop bets like these:

  • Super Bowl MVP’s position
  • A player to score two touchdowns or more
  • Opening kickoff outcome
  • Player to score last touchdown

What are Super Bowl prop bets?

Can’t you tell by now? A Super Bowl prop bet can be just about anything! Truthfully, prop bets are associated with every NFL football game, just not as many as you’ll find on the championship game. There aren’t any coin toss prop bets available for a Cowboys regular season game. But for the Super Bowl, it’s all up for grabs.

Super Bowl prop bets usually range from standard (game MVP or passing yardage total) to off-beat (a certain player’s sack total) to the unusual (the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach). There is a bet tethered to every piece of the action on the field.

Most popular Super Bowl prop bets

Super Bowl prop bets get more popular each year. Even the most hardcore football fans might find some aspect of the game they never considered. This adds intrigue to every play on the field. Here are some of the most popular prop bets for the Super Bowl:

  • National anthem length: There’s a singer in the middle of the field before the game. How long will their rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” be? Texas sportsbooks will set an over/under figure, like 1 minute and 53 seconds, from the first note to the last. Now predict the actual tempo.
  • Coin flip: Yes, even the coin flip is a popular Super Bowl prop bet. It’s the ultimate 50-50 bet, isn’t it? Just know that in the first 56 Super Bowls, tails came up 29 times.
  • The last play: What will be the outcome of the very last play of the Super Bowl? Usually, it’s a team just kneeling out the clock, ready to celebrate, but not always. It could be a last-second Hail Mary pass or even a touchdown. The game could hinge on the very last play.
  • Big man touchdown: In football terms, a “big man” is an offensive or defensive lineman. Will any of them get in the end zone at the Super Bowl, whether by lucky bounce or trick play?

Best Super Bowl prop bet promos

The biggest game of the year is the best game of the year for Texas sports bettors. If you’ve been waiting to jump into the world of sports betting, the Texas sportsbooks will tie lucrative promos to Super Bowl prop bets.

In the past, BetMGM has given a deposit match bonus tied to the Super Bowl number, like in 2022, it was Super Bowl LVI (56), so new users could gain a deposit match of $560.

DraftKings put every new bettor in a pool with a chance at a $1 million bonus Super Bowl bet, and Caesars offered new players a deposit match of $1,000.

You’ll definitely find specific Super Bowl prop promos like odds boosts on certain popular wagers, profit boosts on same game parlays, plus incentives like bet insurance that will give you a certain amount of your bet back as a bonus if it doesn’t win.

What are Super Bowl player props?

These are bets tied to an individual player’s performance. It could be an over/under total on the number of sacks or tackles by Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons.

Sportsbooks will also set an over/under on catches for a wide receiver and how many yards he will have. Quarterbacks, like Dak Prescott, usually have the most player prop bets tied to them, regarding completions, interceptions, attempts, touchdown passings, throwing yards and rushing yards. Each one of those stats will have an over/under figure attached.

What are Super Bowl team props?

Team props hinge on overall performance by a team in the Super Bowl: for example, how many rushing yards will the Dallas Cowboys accrue, or how many times will the Houston Texans be penalized?

But there are also Super Bowl bets available on what team will be leading after the first quarter and what team will score more points in the first half. How about what team will have the most sacks?

Find the latest Cowboys odds and Texans odds at TX betting sites

Can you make Super Bowl prop bet parlays?

Yes. A parlay is another word for a combination bet. Link a few of your favorite Super Bowl prop bets, get enhanced odds, and hope for the best. Say you want to bet on the coin toss, who wins the MVP and the color of the Gatorade shower. You can combine all those prop bets into a unique Super Bowl parlay bet.

Live Super Bowl prop betting

So you’ve turned on the Super Bowl. You bet on the anthem and hit on the coin toss, but do you need to stop there? No. Just like they do with NFL point spread bets and moneyline bets, online Texas sportsbooks will offer action on prop bets even after the game starts.

This feature is called live betting. Online sportsbooks will keep updating and shifting the odds and lines on player props even after the Super Bowl starts. Maybe it looks like a big day for a running back, or you’ve got a good feeling about the passing game in the first quarter and think it’s going to hit the over for air yardage. Live betting means it’s never too late to get in on the action.

Are there Super Bowl props to avoid?

It’s all up to your individual preference. If you’re not as amped up about the two teams playing in the game, then you can bet on things like the hair color of the main performer in the halftime show or the first song they’ll perform.

Another out-there prop bet might be on who the Super Bowl MVP will mention first in his post-game interview. While these can be good conversation chatter at the Super Bowl party, such bets mostly boil down to guesses.

Fun prop bets for Super Bowl parties

American families and friends gather for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next up on that list is the Super Bowl.

The big game gives friends a chance to hang out, enjoy the spectacle, partake in delicious unhealthy food and see if any of their bets come through.

Broadcast-centric prop bets are fun ways to keep the party lively, like how many times will the announcers be shown on the screen or whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will appear more than once. Will the first commercial be for a movie, adult beverage or computer company? Prop bets of all shapes and sizes make the Super Bowl an annual festival of fun.