Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Horses & Cowboys

Are you intrigued by the blend of cowboys, horses, and the Super Bowl’s electrifying energy? If so, you’re in the perfect place. We’re about to dive deep into our top five Super Bowl commercials featuring the rugged charm of cowboys and the majestic beauty of horses taking the spotlight.

Texas has a rich connection with all these elements. It’s a state that has proudly hosted numerous Super Bowls, underscoring the deep-rooted relationship between the NFL and Texas. Football isn’t just a game here; it holds a cherished spot in the hearts of Texans. Similarly, the imagery of cowboys and horses is not just a stereotype but a vital part of Texas’s cultural tapestry.

So, what happens when these three iconic elements – the intensity of football, the timeless allure of cowboys, and the elegance of horses – come together in a Super Bowl commercial? It’s a unique fusion that captures the spirit of the Super Bowl, the heritage of Texas, and the soul of the American West.

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Best Super Bowl Commercials With Horses & Cowboys

Here, we present our carefully curated selection of the top five Super Bowl commercials that showcase cowboys and/or horses. The criteria for our selection are diverse, reflecting various aspects that make these commercials stand out.

First and foremost, popularity played a significant role in our choices. These commercials have resonated with audiences far and wide, creating a buzz and becoming talking points in living rooms and social media. But there’s more to them than just their widespread appeal.

We also considered the creativity and storytelling prowess displayed in these ads. Each commercial tells a unique story, weaving the iconic images of cowboys and horses into narratives that capture the imagination and evoke a range of emotions.

Lastly, the lasting impression these commercials have left on the Super Bowl’s history played a role in their selection. They are not mere fleeting moments of entertainment but have become integral parts of the Super Bowl’s rich legacy, remembered and revisited long after the game is over.

“Football” (1997)

  • Product featured: Budweiser beer
  • Super Bowl it aired during: Super Bowl XXXI
  • Super Bowl final score: Packers 35, Patriots 21
  • How much it cost to air the commercial: The average cost for 30 seconds was $1.2 million

The Budweiser Clydesdales have undoubtedly become synonymous with the history of Super Bowl commercials, leaving an indelible mark with their majestic presence. They’re not just a recurring theme but an iconic symbol, appearing multiple times on our list, a testament to their enduring appeal and charm.

This particular commercial, the original that seamlessly blended them with the world of football, stands out as a quintessential representation of what makes a Super Bowl commercial memorable. It features the Clydesdales in an imaginative and engaging scenario: lining up for an extra point. This scene effortlessly merges the spirit of football with the grace of these iconic horses.

The commercial offers much more than this novel spectacle, however. It encapsulates everything one could desire in a Super Bowl ad. There’s the inherent excitement and tension of football. This element alone would capture the attention of millions, but the ad takes it a step further with the horses actually playing the game.

Including a good punchline adds a layer of humor and wit, ensuring that the commercial isn’t just visually striking but also entertaining and memorable.

“Herding Cats” (2000)

  • Product featured: EDS, an HP company
  • Super Bowl it aired during: Super Bowl XXXIV
  • Super Bowl final score: Rams 23, Titans 16
  • How much it cost to air the commercial: The average cost for 30 seconds was $2.2 million

The rich tapestry of American history is intricately woven with the tales of cowboys and their timeless tradition of herding cattle, particularly in the storied landscapes of Texas. This deep-rooted heritage forms the backdrop for this uniquely captivating commercial, which strikes a chord of endearment with its audience through a clever and unexpected twist.

This commercial introduces us to the archetypal image of grizzled cowboys, symbols of resilience and rugged determination. These cowboys are depicted as ready to face any challenge, undeterred by harsh weather or daunting conditions, embodying the quintessential spirit of their profession. Their mission, like their ancestors, is to herd, but with an amusing and imaginative twist – instead of cattle, they are herding cats.

The inclusion of cats in place of cattle ingeniously subverts expectations and adds a layer of humor to the narrative. Cats, known for their independent and often unpredictable nature, provide a stark contrast to the typically docile and manageable cattle. This contrast creates a series of comedic situations where the cowboys, despite their expertise and resilience, find themselves in a constant struggle to wrangle these felines.

“Replay” (2003)

  • Product featured: Budweiser
  • Super Bowl it aired during: Super Bowl XXXVII
  • Super Bowl final score: Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21
  • How much it cost to air the commercial: The average cost for 30 seconds was $2.2 million

In this imaginative Super Bowl commercial, we revisit the combination of football, Clydesdales, and cowboys, but with an added twist that playfully pokes fun at one of football’s most debated aspects: the replay booth. This element of the commercial cleverly taps into the evolving landscape of the NFL and the Super Bowl, particularly the role and perception of instant replays.

Rewind a couple of decades, and you’ll find that replays were not as prevalent or as integral to the game as they are today. They weren’t the ubiquitous, almost expected part of the game that they are in contemporary football, where they play a crucial role in ensuring fair play and accuracy in decision-making.

“The Cool Ranch” (2020)

  • Product featured: Doritos
  • Super Bowl it aired during: Super Bowl LIV
  • Super Bowl final score: Chiefs 31, 49ers 20
  • How much it cost to air the commercial: The average cost for 30 seconds was $5.6 million

In the realm of Super Bowl commercials, the blend of humor, celebrity, and pop culture often creates the most memorable and enjoyable moments. This is exemplified in the Doritos commercial that brings together the iconic Sam Elliott, renowned for his quintessential cowboy roles, and the dynamic Lil Nas X in an unexpected yet delightful showdown.

This commercial celebrates fun and whimsy, a departure from the narrative-driven or emotionally charged Super Bowl ads that have become more common. It revolves around a lighthearted dance-off between these two contrasting figures, set in the context of a classic Western scene, but with a modern twist. The prize at stake? A bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, adding a playful commercial element to the mix.

Elliott, with his deep, resonant voice and a persona that has become synonymous with rugged, old-school Western charm, stands in stark contrast to the vibrant, modern energy of Lil Nas X, an artist known for his genre-blending music and dynamic presence. This juxtaposition creates a humorous and engaging dynamic, as viewers are treated to a spectacle that blends the old with the new.

“Puppy Love” (2013)

  • Product featured: Budweiser
  • Super Bowl it aired during: Super Bowl XLVII
  • Super Bowl final score: Ravens 34, 49ers 31
  • How much it cost to air the commercial: The average cost for 30 seconds was $3.8 million

In the diverse world of Super Bowl commercials, where themes range from humorous to heartwarming, this particular ad chooses to stray from the cowboy motif, instead opting for an irresistibly charming narrative centered around the bond between a puppy and a Clydesdale horse. This commercial taps into the universal appeal of “cuteness,” showcasing a heartwarming story that resonates with audiences of all ages.

The storyline is simple yet profoundly touching: a young, adventurous puppy forms an unlikely friendship with a Clydesdale, one of the most majestic and iconic horse breeds. This friendship transcends the boundaries of species and size, illustrating a pure, innocent bond that tugs at the heartstrings. The choice of characters – a playful, endearing puppy and a gentle, imposing Clydesdale – creates a contrast that’s visually and emotionally engaging.

The commercial’s appeal lies in its ability to evoke a sense of warmth and joy. It captures those universal feelings of friendship, loyalty, and happiness that come from unexpected connections. The narrative unfolds in a way that is both sweet and captivating, drawing viewers into a story that feels both fantastical and genuine.

Moreover, this commercial demonstrates the power of storytelling in advertising. By focusing on the emotional journey of these two characters rather than overtly promoting a product, the ad creates a memorable experience that viewers associate with positive feelings. This emotional connection is often more effective in leaving a lasting impression than traditional product-focused advertising.