Three Easiest Super Bowl 58 Bets

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, you have more choices on bets to make than you do for pretty much any other sporting event in the world. From the simple moneyline bet to crossover Super Bowl prop bets, there’s something for everyone.

But what are the three easiest Super Bowl bets you can make? Below is a look at our three choices – the moneyline, the spread and the total bets – for the easiest Super Bowl bets anyone can make.

Sports betting in Texas is still not legal. However, fantasy sites such as Underdog and PrizePicks offer opportunities to get in on the action.

Three easy Super Bowl bets

The three most common bet types for NFL betting in Texas are the moneyline, the spread and the total. We know these are the most popular bets because they are the easiest to understand and the most accessible.

Super Bowl moneyline

The moneyline bet is the most simple to understand as it has you selecting the team you believe is going to win the game. Each team will be given odds to win based on how the bookmakers see the game shaking out, with the favorites being given negative odds and the underdogs being given positive odds.

Let’s take a look at the lines that were set for Super Bowl 57:

  • Philadelphia Eagles -125
  • Kansas City Chiefs +105

These lines indicate the Eagles were the favorites heading into Super Bowl 57, and a bet on them would have required you to stake $125 for a chance to win $100. If you had, and they won the Super Bowl, then your payout would have been $225, which includes your original stake returned to you plus your $100 profit.

On the other side of the bet, the Chiefs were the underdogs heading into the game. A $100 bet on them at these odds would have returned $205 to you, which is your bet plus $105 in winnings.

Odds fluctuate all the way until game time, especially if there are any injuries or team news that comes out during the Super Bowl build-up. If you see odds you like for the moneyline, you should get them before they shift.

Super Bowl spread

The point spread is designed to “even” the game by creating a margin of victory the favorites have to win by in order for a bet on them to be successful. The underdog, on the other hand, just has to lose by fewer points than the spread, or win the game outright, for bets on them to be successful.

Super Bowl 57 had a tight point spread:

  • Philadelphia Eagles -1.5 (-110)
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1.5 (-110)

In this scenario, the Eagles had to win the Super Bowl by two points or more for bets on them to pay out. The Chiefs, conversely, needed to lose by one point or win the game for bets on them to pay out.

Both sides of the bet carry -110 odds, which means you need to wager $110 in order to win $100.

Super Bowl total

A total bet, commonly referred to as an over/under, doesn’t focus on the winner of the Super Bowl, but rather the final combined score of the two teams. Your job, as the bettor, is to choose whether the two teams will be able to combine to score over the predicted total or they will be held under the total.

Here’s what Super Bowl 57’s over/under looked like:

  • Over 51.5 (-110)
  • Under 51.5 (-110)

The final score of Super Bowl 57 was 38-35 in favor of the Chiefs, well above the 51.5 predicted total. Bets on the over were paid out on this one at odds of -110, which means for every $110 wagered on the over, there was a profit of $100 paid.

Picking the right Super Bowl bets

Diving into the vast selection of Super Bowl betting options available on top NFL betting sites can be intimidating for beginners and seasoned bettors. These sites offer many betting odds, encompassing everything from straightforward game outcomes to intricate prop bets.

To navigate through this complexity and streamline your betting experience, here are some detailed strategies to consider:

Identify your betting approach

  • Conservative betting: If you prefer to minimize risks, you might focus on bets with lower odds but higher chances of winning. This could include betting on outright winners or using point spreads.
  • Riskier bets: For those who enjoy the thrill of high stakes, exploring riskier bets with higher odds can be enticing. These can include over/under bets, player-specific Super Bowl prop bets, or long-shot parlays.
  • Balanced approach: You may be in the middle, looking to balance safety and risk. This might involve a mix of safer bets and a few calculated riskier wagers, creating a diversified betting portfolio.

Focus on preferred bets

  • Personal preferences: Concentrate on the types of bets that you find most engaging. Whether it’s player performance, total scores, or specific game events. Sticking to what you know and enjoy can enhance your betting experience.
  • Decision-making: By limiting your focus to areas you’re familiar with or particularly interested in, you can make more informed decisions without being overwhelmed by the many options available.

Trust your instincts and research

  • Instincts: Sometimes, your gut feeling can be a powerful guide. If a particular bet feels right, it might be worth considering, especially if it aligns with your overall betting strategy.
  • Informed decisions: Pair your instincts with thorough research. This involves analyzing team performances, player statistics, historical trends, and even weather conditions that might affect the game. Well-researched bets are more likely to yield success.

Embrace the experience

  • Nervousness and excitement: It’s natural to feel mixed emotions when betting on a high-stakes event like the Super Bowl. Embrace these feelings as part of the excitement of sports betting.
  • Enjoyment is key: Remember that betting should ultimately be enjoyable. By focusing on the aspects of betting you love, you’re more likely to have a positive experience, regardless of the outcomes.