Editorial Guidelines 

There is plenty of information floating around the internet about legal gambling in Texas, but you can’t always know if what you’re seeing is correct. Here at PlayTexas, however, our primary goal is accurate and trustworthy information and reporting about gambling in the state. This page explains the different procedures we follow to ensure all of our reporting is unbiased and factual.

We work as hard as we can to make our reports true and accurate. However, as news develops concerning Texas gambling and the changing status of different games’ legality, we will make mistakes every so often. When that happens, we want to know about it. Please send us an email if you spot an inaccuracy. We want to correct it as soon as we can.

What PlayTexas reports

PlayTexas covers news and information about legal gambling in Texas. We share news about proposed legislation, the outcome of legislative meetings, interviews with key stakeholders and information about various regulated gambling companies.

What we do not cover are the various sites that operate illegally in the United States, including in Texas. These sites exist outside of the jurisdiction of both the state and the US, and they present tremendous risks to their users. You open yourself up to possible identity theft and financial peril if you frequent one of these sites, and we do not approve of or condone the existence of these outlets. That means if you are here to find out about online casinos, online sportsbooks or online poker rooms offering service to Texans, you came to the wrong site.

The sites and companies that we do cover on PlayTexas are either regulated and legal in the state, or are attempting to become so under state law. For instance, daily fantasy sports remain a contested issue in Texas from a legal standpoint, but the two biggest providers, DraftKings and FanDuel, are pursuing the matter in court. Therefore, we currently provide information about DFS in Texas, but we will change course if the legal system finds that DFS is, in fact, a violation of state law.

Publication procedures and standards

Our writers on PlayTexas are experienced professionals in both journalism and the gambling industry. Furthermore, PlayTexas does not allow guest posting of any kind. Every contributor on this site is either a direct employee of Catena Media or is freelancing with Catena and subject to vigorous editorial review.

Information appearing in our stories comes either from primary sources or as close to primary sources as possible. Stories about gambling bills often include direct commentary from the lawmakers who authored the legislation. Reports about financial data or performance pull information directly from releases by the state government. In the case of any additional types of gambling that might debut in Texas, we would speak with likely regulators and other relevant individuals to get their opinions directly.

PlayTexas is not a repository for rumors or a site that reprints from other sites. Even if we use another media source’s report as a jumping-off point for a story, we will take the information in a different direction or use a different angle and we’ll credit our original source, too. We do not devote page space or effort to produce any stories based on gossip or supposition.

PlayTexas supports responsible gambling in Texas

Although PlayTexas focuses on sharing news and analysis regarding gambling and gambling expansion in Texas, we want to make it clear that any gambling Texans do should be responsible. You should never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose, and you should not miss out on important social or family events in order to continue playing. Set limits for yourself, and be smart about the games you play.

We provide up-to-date information and resources for Texans seeking information about responsible gambling and help with problem gambling. We additionally support the expansion of responsible gambling resources in Texas.

How do I know PlayTexas is accurate?

As noted, members of our staff possess expertise in the gambling industry as well as journalism experience. Each piece that we publish is subject to review by multiple sets of educated eyes. All editors, from the copy editors checking the grammar and spelling to the managing editor of the site, have experience that informs their constructive criticism of the pieces in front of them.

In short, no publication on PlayTexas has simply been published as a first draft. Every bit of reporting has to undergo intense scrutiny for accuracy.

What to do if you spot an error

Of course, mistakes do occur from time to time. Perspectives about certain issues can change or color our reporting in unintended ways. Legal situations can shift due to legislative developments, enforcement efforts or opinions from the state attorney general’s office.

If you are reading PlayTexas and spot any detail or item you believe to be inaccurate or unclear, please let us know. Our highest commitment is to the truth, and remaining truthful is an ongoing process.

Our partners and conflicts of interest

Catena Media and all of its constituent sites, including PlayTexas, are affiliate sites for legal gambling companies and entities in various jurisdictions. In some cases, we may recommend companies with which we have an existing relationship. Furthermore, some of the bonus offers that you see on Catena Media sites are impossible to find elsewhere.

However, we do not let any affiliate partner dictate the direction or tone of any piece on PlayTexas. No matter the agenda of the partner or how lucrative the offer is, we do not accept any advice on reporting unless the partner spots an inaccuracy or changes the terms of a bonus deal.

Our deepest commitment is to you, the reader, rather than any of our partners. In the long run, we want you to get the best bonus deals that you can, because it does no one any good if a bonus turns out to be not worth the trouble.

Can I advertise on PlayTexas?

No. We appreciate your interest in PlayTexas, but we do not allow the placement of unsolicited advertising on our pages. All advertised sites and deals that you see result from negotiated agreements between Catena Media and its affiliate partners. We do not issue advertising contracts.

Let us hear from you

Don’t be a stranger! Part of what makes PlayTexas a great site is our readers and the feedback that we receive from you. If there are errors or corrections on a page, let us know about them. If something is unclear from our reporting, drop us a line. Do the same if you have any questions or just want to get in touch. Email us at [email protected].

If you wish to get in contact with us through regular mail, you can also send your letters, comments, and posts to our mailing address:

  • Catena Media
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Finally, if you want to speak directly to someone at Catena or at PlayTexas, please call 646-543-0245.