Bet on the NBA at Texas Online Sportsbooks

With its galaxy of star players, an 82-game regular season, the play-in tournament and increasingly dramatic playoffs, the NBA provides an endless fast break of betting opportunities.

Fans of Texas NBA teams can bet on whether Mavericks star Luka Doncic will record a triple-double, whether Alperen Sengun will lead the Rockets to the playoffs, or whether the Spurs can improve on last year’s win total behind Victor Wembanyama.

Texas has yet to legalize online sports betting, but when they do you can expect all of the top sites to launch in the Lone Star State. Here’s a look at what to expect when that happens.

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Best prospective Texas sportsbooks for NBA betting online

When Texas legalizes sports betting, there will be a cluster of offerings from major sportsbooks trying to get into the market. We don’t know which NBA betting sites will put down roots in Texas. But we can look at what the major sportsbooks have done with their NBA offerings in the past and what makes them stand out.


  • BetMGM Sportsbook has consistent specials on each game and options to boost. It has a deep list of offerings on the NBA season, including NBA Finals Odds, like picking the Mavericks over the Boston Celtics.


  • Caesars Sportsbook isn’t as flashy as its competitors in the sports betting market. But with its simple interface and competitive odds, it’s a smart place for new players to learn the nuances of the sports betting world.


  • DraftKings Sportsbook boasts a different layout from other sportsbooks. But it has the same quality offerings, including multiple season-long bets, like how many points Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green will average this year. DraftKings compares favorably to other sportsbooks with its competitive odds, great live betting platform, and frequent boosts and bonuses.


  • FanDuel Sportsbook is the single most popular online sportsbook in the US and will certainly be a favorite option once Texas launches online sports betting. FanDuel offers bonuses on parlays each day and has extensive offerings on the WNBA. Texas is represented in the WNBA by the Dallas Wings.

How to bet on NBA games online in Texas

When TX sports betting becomes legal, betting on basketball in Texas will be as easy as a free throw. Popular US sportsbooks have made creating an account simple, fast and accessible. Here are the details you may be asked to provide:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Username (created by you)
  • Password
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

In Texas, you’ll also probably have to download a geolocation app on your device. This ensures that you are within state borders while betting. Once you set up your account, you’ll have to accept the sportsbook’s terms and conditions and make sure your details are correct.

This process is also where you can collect your welcome bonus from the sportsbooks, which may ask you to enter a bonus code. These bonuses are usually sportsbook credit, not cash. When this is all handled, you’ll be ready to bet on the NBA.

Sportsbooks in Texas will likely maintain the same common layout, with a rail of different leagues/sports on the left and a list of the day’s offerings in the center. Click on the odds you like. They’ll appear on your bet slip. Confirm your bet (with care), and lock it in.

Best NBA odds boosts and promos

Many online sportsbooks will offer daily NBA odds boosts and promos for new users. They’ll also build promos around the NBA All-Star Game, Play-In Tournament, and the playoff push. Have a look at the following noteworthy examples.

  • FanDuel Sportsbook frequently offers same game parlay boosts that increase your payout (e.g., by 30%).
  • DraftKings Sportsbook also has “No Sweat Same Game Parlay” promos that let you build and bet an SGP on an NBA contest, and if your bet loses you get back an equivalent amount in bonus bets.
  • Caesars Sportsbook offers frequent odds boosts on NBA games (e.g., get +300 instead of +200 if two players score 20+), as well as parlay boosts on long shots and occasional “bonus bet drops.”
  • BetMGM Sportsbook is great for NBA “bet insurance” tokens (similar to DraftKings’ “No Sweat” promo) and more.

Today’s NBA odds

Check for the latest live NBA odds right here.

NBA game odds are usually posted the day before a regular season game. But that can vary. NBA team schedules aren’t perfectly in sync. The Rockets may play the Spurs on a Monday and then the Mavericks on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Mavericks may have had a few days off before Wednesday’s game. In that case, odds on the Rockets or odds on the Mavericks won’t be posted until the day before.

However, if both teams have a few days off before a game, then the point spread and total will be posted by the online sportsbook sooner. The sportsbooks will usually post the spread first and then, as the game gets closer, increase the offerings with parlays and prop bets. It is always smart to look at a couple of different sportsbooks to spot odds differences.

NBA spreads, moneylines and totals

The three main ways to bet on an NBA game are the point spread, moneyline and total. Here’s a quick description of each:

  • Point spread: The sportsbooks will determine a favorite and underdog with the favorite noted by the (-) sign and then a point total next to it. That number is the spread. If the Mavericks are listed as (-9) against the Spurs, that means the Mavericks are favored to win by nine points. Bettors have the option of taking the Mavericks to win by more than nine points or taking the Spurs and the points, meaning you expect the Spurs to win or at least not lose by nine points. Point spread odds are created to encourage betting on both sides. The payouts are usually -110 on each side, meaning if you bet $110, you profit $100.
  • Moneyline: This is the most basic bet around. Pick a team to win the game. Don’t be worried about how many points they score or how many three-point shots they make. It’s just win-or-lose. Of course, if you bet a big favorite on the moneyline, your odds are lower and the payout will be smaller. Alternatively, you can bet on the underdog and hope to cash out big.
  • Total: This is a way to bet on a game without worrying about the winner. Texas sportsbooks will predict a combined point total (over/under) for two NBA teams, and bettors have the choice of gambling whether the true figure will be more than that number (go over) or less (go under). Usually, this number will come with a half-point, like 223.5, eliminating any chance of a push (tie).

Best NBA props and futures

The NBA provides a fertile court for prop bets and future bets for a game or a season.

Some of the more popular future bets involve the NBA’s biggest individual honor: the Most Valuable Player award. Online sportsbooks in Texas will provide NBA MVP odds on whether Mavs star Luka Doncic and as many as 30 other candidates will win the award. Those odds will change throughout the season.

Other future bets include:

  • Division winner
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Conference champion
  • NBA champion

Each individual game comes with a hoop-full of prop bets.

Fans will have the ability to bet an over/under on how many points the Rockets’ Fred VanVleet will score in a single game, but it doesn’t end there. Sportsbooks will also post totals on how many rebounds, assists and blocks Smith will record, adding depth to the game offerings.

You’ll also be able to bet on head-to-head outcomes among players. Who will score more points in an all-Texas matchup? VanVleet of the Rockets or Devin Vassell of the Spurs?

The game itself is broken down into multiple betting options. You will have the option of betting on the team that has the lead at the end of the first quarter, halftime and third quarter. If you want to go even deeper into the numbers, you can bet over or under point totals for specific players in each quarter.

When the playoffs begin, sportsbooks will let you pick the exact outcome of each series. You will be able to pick the Spurs to win 4-1 or make it a clean sweep.

NBA alternate lines

So you think you are smarter than the sportsbooks? Or maybe you just wish that the point spread was one more point another way.

If you feel this way, explore the option of setting an alternate line at online sportsbooks for an NBA game. You can slide the point spread one way or the other at your own discretion; however, this comes with decreased or enhanced odds.

Say you really like the Spurs to thump the Charlotte Hornets, but the line is Spurs -3.5 (-110). Sportsbooks can give you the choice to set an alternate line, say in this case pushing the spread up to -6.5 (+135), and then if the bet pays off in your favor, you win more.

Only employ this bet type if you have the utmost confidence in your choice. Sportsbooks have mountains of data and experience in setting lines, so think hard before setting an alternate line.

How to find the best NBA lines

NBA betting lines shift, and it’s smart to keep your eye on multiple sportsbooks. Most of them will mirror one another, but you may find a half-point or point in your favor, and that can be the difference between a big win or loss. As we explained earlier, the point spreads usually come out a day before a game because of the inconsistencies in the NBA schedule.

But injuries or having an NBA star player sit out to rest is a reality in today’s NBA, and savvy bettors would be smart to always pay attention.

That said, NBA lines don’t change as much as NFL lines do because there isn’t as much time between games. This is one of the best things about NBA sports betting: the vast inventory of daily games can help you win big.

Live betting on the NBA

Live betting has become a popular part of the US sports betting scene. Even after a game starts, multiple sportsbooks (like Caesars) will maintain a line on the game based on the current score until almost the end.

If you’re watching the game, you may feel confident that a game is about to turn into a blowout, or maybe an upset is brewing. This is when you can log in to your favorite sportsbook and still bet on the point spread.

What makes NBA betting special?

Betting on the NBA is a fun way for new bettors to learn the daily ins and outs of the sports betting scene.

The NBA season is long, and teams often rise and fall. There are great players and great rivalries. The sportsbooks do a stellar job with boosts each day and unique prop bets to draw interest.

It isn’t like the NFL or college football with one game a week. In the NBA, teams play 82 regular season games. This gives you valuable data points and a season-long flow to consider when placing a bet.

NBA betting rules at online sportsbooks

NBA betting rules will have subtle differences depending on the sportsbook regarding a date or venue change, but generally those changes won’t void a bet.

Most sportsbooks cancel your bet only if there is a sudden home-and-away switch by the two teams, like if the Rockets and Mavericks have to switch sites at short notice. For postponed games due to weather or travel difficulties, sportsbooks will refund your bet in full.

This rule doesn’t pertain to live NBA bets though if the result is already determined. If you were betting on which team was leading after the end of the first quarter, that bet remains valid if there is a suspension of play in the second half.

Also, when it comes to point spreads or totals, if a bet falls right on the number—like you bet on the four-point favorite Mavs and they win by four exactly—it’s a push and your money will be refunded with no profit.