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Tyler is a contributor for PlayTexas.com, covering sports, sports law and gambling for the Lone Star State. He has also covered similar topics for PlayCA, PlayFlorida, PlayOhio, and PlayMA. Tyler’s currently the managing editor of NCSharp.com and a Texas resident.

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“For some Texas republican legislators, the party platform’s opposition to legalized gaming takes a back seat to their district’s proximity to a border. Simply put, watching your constituents stream into another state to gamble every day is negligent for a number of reasons.”

“Criminalizing gambling degrades communities where gambling rings are busted. No one wants to live next door to an underground gambling parlor. No one wants to live next door to a house that gets raided by the cops either. Both scenarios can be significantly curtailed by regulating the industry.”

“Texans who want legal gambling shouldn’t dwell on Texas Election results. Legal gaming never relied on a blue shift. The PACs funding gaming legislation have already written their checks, and the big money went to Republicans. Beto O’Rourke never got a dime from the Sands PAC.”

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