FanDuel Sportsbook – App Review and Details

Texas may have the highest number of sports fans of any state. However, when it comes to betting on games and wagering on the major Texas sports teams, options have been somewhat limited.

FanDuel, for example, is available in Texas as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) site. However, for a couple of years, Texas DFS players couldn’t use FanDuel. In 2016, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an opinion that DFS was not legal in the state. At the time, FanDuel pulled out of the state.

By 2018 though, FanDuel reached a settlement with the state and returned to the TX market. It is worth noting though that that DFS has not been expressly legalized in the state.

Given that DFS is not even fully in the clear yet, sports betting in Texas may sound like a pipe dream. If it does come to fruition in the Lone Star State, FanDuel would be in better shape than most sportsbook operators.

Here’s a look at what partnerships and deals would help benefit FanDuel Sportsbook if it ever launched in Texas as well as what bettors can expect from a FanDuel Texas betting app.

Will FanDuel Sportsbook succeed in Texas?

Texas is one of several southern states with limited gambling options. There is a single tribal casino, the lottery, and a handful of other options.

For FanDuel, this lack of options is a good thing. First of all, FanDuel’s DFS site is one of the only existing forms of gambling in the state and gives the company a leg up. The other benefit is that, with no existing casino infrastructure, the state sports betting model will likely be relatively open.

Looking at a state like Tennessee, which offers online-only sports betting, the licenses are open to anyone who submits an application and meets the criteria to operate. If Texas adopts a model like that, FanDuel should have no problem clearing the regulatory hurdles.

If the Texas sports betting market gives licenses to the major sports franchises like Maryland and Arizona have, FanDuel Sportsbook would be equally prepared given a multitude of deals with both individual teams and leagues.

FanDuel Sportsbook and Texas sports teams

The professional sports teams in Texas aren’t just in favor of bringing sports betting to Texas, they are actively lobbying for it. In February 2021, the major teams announced they were forming the Sports Betting Alliance in order to lobby state lawmakers and generate public support for sports betting.

The version of sports betting the teams want in the state is a model like Arizona where they get to each obtain a sports betting license. That means the relationship FanDuel has with the teams and leagues now could result in a Texas online sportsbook down the line.

Texas NFL teams

When it comes to partnerships, sportsbooks and DFS operators partnering with sports leagues, there are team partnerships and there are league partnerships. When it comes to league partnerships and the NFL, FanDuel is in great shape.

In April 2021, the NFL announced that, after years of distancing the league from sports betting, it had three new sportsbook partners. FanDuel is one prong of the “tri-exclusive” deal. As a result, FanDuel Sportsbook can use the logos and will receive exclusive content to use on its mobile betting app.

While that won’t have a material impact on FanDuel’s presence in Texas, it does set them up to potentially partner with the league in the future.

As for the present, while FanDuel at one point had a deal with the Houston Texans, it ceased in the wake of the AG opinion casting DFS into a legal gray area.

NBA and FanDuel TX

Like FanDuel’s reach with pro football, the sportsbook’s reach with the NBA is more about national deals than efforts with the local teams. Though, it is worth noting that FanDuel did previously have deals with both the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs as a DFS partner.

Now, FanDuel is still getting plenty of exposure on NBA on TNT both with a deal with Turner Sports and with individual deals with Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. With all of the real estate during TNT NBA broadcasts, people all over the country, including Texas, are going to be familiar with FD Sportsbook.

Moreover, in 2018 FanDuel and NBA expanded a deal as partners. The deal was initially for DFS, but the scope of the deal grew to cover sports betting.

Finally, if Arizona is any indication, FanDuel is working with the Phoenix Suns as more than just a sponsor. The two announced a deal for FanDuel to use the NBA team’s sports betting license in the state.


Baseball is a sport that FanDuel is not as well-positioned in as others. DraftKings works with the MLB on DFS.

After several years with no baseball affiliation, FanDuel and the MLB reached a deal for the sportsbook to be an authorized gaming operator in 2019.


FanDuel has a similar deal with the NHL as it does with the MLB, where it is an official DFS partner as well as an official sportsbook. The deal is not exclusive and other competitors have a similar setup with the league.


What a FanDuel sports betting app offers Texans

FanDuel offers multiple ways for users to access its sportsbook. There is a desktop site as well as apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The app and website are similar, which makes it easy for users to go from using their computer to a mobile device.

The sportsbook clearly displays games and odds. All you need to do to place a bet is to click on the wager you’re interested in. FanDuel adds that bet to your bet slip, and the only steps are entering an amount and placing the bet.

FanDuel’s strengths and weaknesses

FanDuel’s best feature may be how it handles refunds and promotions. Many sportsbooks run promos and bonus offers that offer free bets. Most of the time you have to use these bet in their entirety or divided three or four ways. However, FanDuel pays out bonuses and refunds with site credit, which is the closest thing you’ll find to getting actual cash back.

Site credit at FanDuel works exactly the same way as cash. For example, if you had $100 in site credit, you could place a few $10 bets, some $5 wagers, a $20 bet, and so on. The only thing you cannot do with site credit is withdraw it right away. You can withdraw any winnings from bets with site credit though.

One negative about FanDuel is that you have to opt into all the promotions at the sportsbook. This is not a complicated process, but it does have a few more steps than are necessary. You have to start by going to the FanDuel promotions page, then selecting “More info” on the promo you’re interested in. The last step is to click the button to opt-in. Then repeat the process for any additional promotions you like.

While this can be a tad cumbersome, it is nothing that should prevent you from signing up with FanDuel Sportsbook if it debuts in Texas.

Types of bets available at FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel also offers a multitude of betting options, from moneylines, spreads, and over/unders to teasers, parlays, round robins, and single-game parlays. Let’s take a quick look at some common bets you can place with FanDuel.

  • Moneyline bets are simply odds on which team will win. If the odds are positive, that team is the underdog, and if the odds are negative, that team is the favorite.
  • Point spreads are wagers that take an estimated margin of victory into account. If you bet on the favorite, that team must win the game by more than the spread, while the underdog must avoid losing by more than the spread for bets on that side to win.
  • Over/unders or totals are bets on the combined score by both teams in the game. You choose over or under the line supplied by the sportsbook. It doesn’t matter which team ends up winning.
  • FanDuel also offers parlays and single-game parlays. A regular parlay is when you combine two or more picks as a single wager, but you only win if you get all of your picks correct. SGPs are the same thing, but all of the bets are from just one game.

FanDuel promotions

FanDuel offers new users a risk-free first bet, which is refunded in site credit up to a total of $1,000 if it loses. In addition, the sportsbook regularly offers parlay insurance promotions that allow users to get their money back if they miss only one leg of their parlay.

Lastly, from time to time you’ll see Spread the Love promos where you can win $45 by betting on a game with a massive spread increase, sometimes as high as 100 points.

FanDuel history

FanDuel got its start as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) company in 2009. In fact, you can play FanDuel DFS right now in Texas. If the sportsbook does launch in the state, you’ll be able to use your same account.

FanDuel remained just a DFS operator until 2018, which is when sports betting was allowed to expand on a state-by-state basis outside of Nevada. Since that time, FanDuel has established online sportsbooks in dozens of states.