New Food Options On Deck At Astros And Rangers Games

Written By Phil West on April 9, 2024
Globe Life Field, where TX Rangers will have new food options this year

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” contains references to classic ballpark fare like peanuts and Cracker Jack. But a lot has changed in America’s ballparks since that song was first penned in 1908.

If you wanted to do a Texas spin on it in 2024, you might choose more exotic fare to wedge into the lyrics like a Milanesa Taco, a jerk chicken sandwich or a sopapilla.

Both the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros have announced new food items to usher in the 2024 season.

New fare includes AstroNautchos and Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders

Texas sports betting remains prohibited. Unfortunately, 2025 looks to be the next time lawmakers will consider the issue again. The Texas House did pass a sports betting bill in 2023, but it lingered in the Senate. Proponents are working now to influence lawmakers to pass a measure next year.

The reigning champion Rangers have a number of new attractions at Globe Life Field. One, though, is well-known to Rangers fans: Whataburger. The fast-food restaurant, which began operations in Corpus Christi and is the namesake of that city’s Whataburger Field (for the Astros-affiliated Double-A Hooks), is incredibly popular in its home state. Globe Life is getting its own little taste of the franchise, with a location in Section 105 to open during the upcoming April 5-11 homestand.

Rangers add several food items and tweak others

According to a Rangers press release, there are several new, enticing selections at the stadium in Arlington.

  • The Boomstick Triple Play: If you want to partake in a “two-foot feast,” it’s been retooled to include two Nolan Ryan Beef patties topped with Rico’s Nacho Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles and served on an 8-inch bun; a foot-long Texas Chili Company hot dog topped with Texas Chili Company chili, Rico’s Nacho Cheese, grilled onion and jalapenos; and a towering helping of Tostitos tortilla chips, topped with chili, nacho cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. (Section 132).

Broomstick Triple Play, Texas Rangers food options

  • Korean Pork Steamed Buns: Imagine Korean-style pulled pork, slow cooked and encased in a soft-steamed Bao bun, topped with a fresh cilantro slaw and an Unagi sauce and spicy mayo drizzle. (Sections 124 and 230).

Korean Pork Steamed Bubs, Texas Rangers food

  • Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders: This dish starts with Italian-style meatballs in marinara sauce, marrying them with garlic knots topped with parmesan cheese. (Sections CL23, 133 and 230).

Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders, Texas Rangers food

  • Ranchero Chile Relleno Dawwgg: An Angus Beef hot dog, covered in Texas chili, then split and stuffed with queso chihuahua, wrapped in a roasted banana pepper and strips of bacon, served on a Martin’s potato roll and topped with grilled onions. (Sections 121 and 225).

Ranchero Chile Relleno Dawwgg, Texas Rangers food

  • Milanesa Taco: Available from Hurtado Barbecue, the official barbecue partner of the stadium, this restaurant favorite features chicken-fried brisket served with gravy and chile de arbol in a flour tortilla. (Section 141, with an express location in Section 201 later this April).

Milanesa Taco, Texas Rangers food

Enjoy new food offerings at Minute Maid Park this season

Not to be outdone in Houston, Minute Maid Park – home of the 2017 and 2022 World Series champions – is also rolling out a number of offerings for 2024, according to coverage from Yahoo! and the Houston Chronicle.

  • Curveball Corn Dogs: Mini corn dogs loaded with chili, cheese and diced onions. (Section 109, Section 213 Club Grill, and Section 409 H-Town Grill)
  • Fowl Pole Jerk Chicken Sandwich: This sandwich features shredded smoked jerked chicken, roasted pineapple, scotch bonnet pepper slaw, green onions and cilantro jerk aioli on homemade coco bread. (Section 231)
  • Toss Up Chicken Sandwich: This offers a different kind of spice, with candied jalapeños, cheddar cheese, green leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, serrano crema and Yellowbird blue agave sauce heaped onto fried tenders on a Martin’s potato bun. (Sections 109, 126, 409, and 231 H-Town Grill Stands)
  • AstroNautchos: This take on nachos amps up the flavor, with fresh-fried Ranch-dusted kettle chips, Breggy Bomb barbecue aioli, queso blanco, jalapeño slaw, pico de gallo, green onions and fresh jalapeños, topped with either chopped brisket or pork burnt ends. (Section 152 at The Butcher Express Portable, Section 224 at The Butcher, and Section 408 at Sunrise BBQ)
  • Slova-Chos: As you might guess from the name, these nachos feature one of three Slovacek’s sausages: Crawford Bock, Crawford Bock with Cheddar Cheese, or Garlic Pepper Jack. Then, add ranch-dusted kettle chips, Crawford Bock beer cheese, sauteed peppers and onions. (Section 154)
  • Sopapillas: If you’re looking for dessert, the ballpark’s got the traditional Mexican deep-fried treat (not quite a donut or a beignet, but close to both), served with powdered sugar and honey. (Section 115)

Can new food fare replace ability to bet on games?

It’s possible that – in one of just 12 states in which sports betting isn’t legal – the new food items will enhance the overall fan experience, despite fans not having the ability to place some action on the games.

Respondents in a recent USA Today readers poll placed Globe Life Field in the top 10 Major League Baseball stadiums for snacking … though just barely. The Rangers’ stadium landed in 10th.

The Astros’ ballpark failed to crack the top third of MLB parks.


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