Hot New Scratch Ticket Breaks Sales Records For Texas Lottery

Written By Frank Weber on February 1, 2022
Texas Lottery sees success with new $50 scratch ticket

Pollard Banknote Limited recently released a congratulatory statement towards the Texas Lottery for the success of their new $50 Casino Millions scratch ticket. 

Since it launched in September 2021, sales have reached over $143 million. Based on the sales through the first 10 weeks alone, the Casino Millions scratch game is the highest-selling $50 scratch ticket in Texas Lottery history.

Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Lottery, said:

“We are thrilled with the success of the Casino Millions scratch ticket game. Our players enjoy high-quality, engaging scratch ticket games with exciting prizes, and Casino Millions delivers on all aspects. We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with Pollard Banknote to bring Texans exciting games for years to come.”

The Casino Millions ticket offers a top prize of $5 million, with over $250 million in total prizes. 

The Texas Lottery and Pollard Banknote

The Texas Lottery first collaborated with Pollard Banknote at the $50 price point ten years ago. They first introduced the idea of dazzling Scratch FX, which gave high-value tickets a high-value look. 

Since then, the demand for high-value tickets has spiked. The Texas Lottery then took things to the next level by presenting Pollard Banknote’s new Scratch FXtra print innovation.

It combines the Scratch FX patterns with other visually striking designs. This created a dazzling ticket that is unlike any other. Brad Thompson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Pollard Banknote, said:

“We are pleased to congratulate the Texas Lottery on the outstanding success of its Casino Millions scratch ticket game. The Texas Lottery has been an industry leader in launching games at the $50 price point. And the significant accomplishment of reaching over $140 million in sales with a single game has reinforced how well the Texas Lottery understands its players. As a proud partner to the Texas Lottery, we look forward to helping it continue to drive sales to support public education throughout the state.” 

The Texas Lottery’s record-setting year

Whether it’s a scratch game or an online casino, it’s clear that gambling in Texas is on the rise.

The Texas Lottery cleared $8.107 billion in sales in the Fiscal Year 2021. This is the most since it began in 1992. This sees a 21% increase over last year’s numbers.

A large majority, $6.617 billion, came from scratch ticket sales. Draw games sales also continued to grow in Texas, accounting for $1.49 billion of the Lottery’s total sales. 

According to previous breakdowns, the Lottery paid out approximately 66% of its revenue proceeds in prizes. And just under a quarter will be sent to the Foundation School Program.

A quarter of this year’s revenue would be $2.026 billion. We can expect something around that number to be going to Texas schools. 

The Lottery allocated less than one percent of revenue for veterans residing in Texas. The agency, however, has reported giving $164 million to Texas veterans since 2009. 

The Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief calculates that this year’s contributions would:

“translate into a record-breaking revenue contribution to our beneficiaries, Texas education, and Texas veterans, for [the] fiscal year 2021.”

What is Pollard Banknote?

Pollard Banknote is a leading lottery partner to more than 60 lotteries across the world. They provide:

  • High-quality instant ticket products
  • Schafer Systems and Fastrak retail merchandising solutions
  • World-Class mkodo game apps
  • Other licensed games

Pollard Banknote was established in 1907 and is publicly traded on the TSX.

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