Texans Can Make Picks On Texas A&M in the College World Series With Fliff

Written By Tyler Andrews on June 14, 2024 - Last Updated on June 18, 2024
Two Texas A&M players celebrate a win. We will make Fliff picks on Texas A&M in the College World Series

Texas A&M will be the only team representing all points west of the Mississippi in the College World Series.

While Texas sports betting through notable brands like FanDuel and DraftKings remains illegal, Fliff allows Texans to make legal picks and redeem cash prizes in the alternative market of social sports betting.

For the College World Series (CWS) Round Robin, PlayTexas will explore the available markets for the Aggies and the other seven teams in the tournament and try our hand at making picks with both Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. We’ll wager 1,000 Fliff Coins and 1 Fliff Cash for each pick.

If you plan to follow along and make your own picks, remember to read all the terms and conditions in the Fliff app.

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Fliff offers limited College World Series markets

Eight teams made it to Omaha to compete in the CWS. All eight teams come from the ACC and SEC: UNC,

Fliff screenshot of College World Series games

 NC State, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Florida State, and Tennessee. Texas A&M is the lone Western team in the tournament.

The tournament begins with a double-elimination round-robin, and we will bet the first eight games of this stage of the CWS.

Fliff offers two forms of free currency: Fliff Coins, a less valuable currency, and Fliff Cash, a more valuable currency. The main difference between these two currencies is the fact that only Fliff Cash can be used to play sweepstakes games for cash prizes.

We’ll bet the first four games using Fliff Coins, and the second four using Fliff Cash.

New Fliff markets become available on College World Series gameday

Scanning the pre-game markets for the first four games of the CWS, the only available option before gameday is a money line pick. On gameday, run lines and point total picks become available. Fliff offers some in-game picks like run line by inning, along with team props. No player props are available for any College World Series games.

Games one through four feature the following matchups. Here they are with our picks included. We’ll update this table for the June 15 games and the results of our picks.

GameDateTeamsFliff PickResult
16/14UNC 3 vs. Virginia 2Money line, UNC -150Win, +666
26/14 Tennessee 12 vs. FL State 11Run line, Tenn. -1.5Loss, -1,000
36/15Kentucky 5 vs. NC State 4Run line, Kentucky -1.5Loss, -1,000
46/15Texas A&M 3 vs. Florida 2Run line, Texas A&M -1.5Loss, -1,000

Aside from a Tennessee/Florida barn burner for the ages, the first four games resulted in tight, low-scoring affairs. Our fairly obvious plan of picking the top teams to put on an offensive fireworks display and cover the spread didn’t work out. Four straight one-run games: great for the fans, bad for our Fliff Coin stash.

After the first four games, we wagered 4,000 Fliff Coins and are down 2,344.

Making the jump to Fliff Cash

For the second four games, we’ll switch from Fliff Coins to the more valuable Fliff Cash. Fliff Cash is free but requires more work to accumulate. It can also be purchased, along with Fliff Coins, in the Fliff Store, but we won’t go that route for now. The goal is to come out on top using only the limited free Fliff Cash we’ve accrued as rewards for regularly using the app and completing other in-app tasks.

Fliff Cash is the sweepstakes currency for Fliff. Once a player has accrued at least 50 Fliff Cash, they can redeem them for cash prizes.

Here is the schema for games four through eight with our picks.

GameDateTeamsFliff PickResult
56/16FL State 7 vs. Virginia 3Under 11.5 runs, -115Win, .86 Fliff Cash
66/16Tennessee 6 vs. UNC 1Under 10.5 runs, -120Win, .83 Fliff Cash
76/17Florida 5 vs. NC State 4Under 9.5 runs, -120Win, .83 Fliff Cash
86/17Texas A&M 5 vs. Kentucky 1Kentucky +1.5 runs, -165 Loss, 1.00 Fliff Cash

As you can see, we’ve adjusted our approach here and leaned on the under in most cases. This approach worked well with the second four games. Shame on us for not sticking with it in the final game! In all, we wagered 4 Fliff Cash and netted 1.52 Fliff Cash.

It pays to practice

The nice thing about Fliff is that you can always play for free. Accruing Fliff Coins is as simple as logging on every two hours and claiming a free few thousand coins. Since those coins cannot be converted into the more valuable Fliff Cash, they serve only to help you increase your Fliff XP and practice with different Fliff markets.

As our experience betting the Men’s College World Series indicates, a lot can be learned from a few practice picks.

Making the jump to Fliff Cash does not necessitate any deposit, but if you are interested in playing in the Fliff sweepstakes, which requires you to use Fliff Cash, you will probably consider making a deposit to generate more Fliff Cash faster.

The main reason is that you cannot redeem your Fliff Cash for cash prizes or gift cards until you have made at least 50 Fliff Cash. Fliff will give you small amounts of Fliff Cash at the start, perhaps one or two Fliff Cash every few days, but turning that small stake into something redeemable takes patience.

Fliff is the only viable legal sports betting alternative in Texas

Since the outlook on Texas legalizing sports betting in the next legislative session looks grim, Fliff is the best and only legal alternative for people interested in making picks on events like the College World Series.

While it can always be played completely free of charge so players can practice and explore various markets without any risk to their pocketbook, the ability to switch to Fliff Cash and play for the chance to redeem cash prizes will satisfy a lot of players willing to put money on the line.

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