COVID-19 Protocols Still In Place At TX Casinos For Holiday Season

Written By Chris Imperiale on December 9, 2021 - Last Updated on December 10, 2021
Texas casinos are keeping safety protocols in place for the holidays

With many guests expected to join in the excitement of giveaways and events during the holiday season, Texas casinos are prioritizing safety and keeping COVID-19 protocols in place.

While rules within the Lone Star State have changed a few times regarding mandates, the state’s casinos haven’t altered their policies much.

Each of Texas’ three retail casinos still has rules enforcing protection against COVID-19.

All three require that you wear a mask to enter the establishment and keep it on throughout your time there.

Beyond wearing masks, both the Lucky Eagle Casino and Naskila Gaming continue to perform temperature checks for guests at the entrance. These are the same rules that have been in place.

If you have a temperature or don’t feel well, you shouldn’t go out and potentially put others at risk. The casino security will not allow you inside if your temperature is red-flagged.

Even with the addition of special holiday events and promotions, not much has changed with the holiday season.

Texas casinos are keeping current COVID-19 rules

If you’ve recently gone to either tribal casino in TX,  you know that the rules and regulations are mostly the same for each location.

Each casino requires you to have a mask on to enter the premises. You must also pass the temperature check, regardless of your vaccination status. Every staff member working at each casino should also wear a mask.

It’s only acceptable to remove your mask is when you’re eating or drinking.

Over at Lucky Eagle Casino, bettors should note a couple of additional protocols regarding smoking.

Smoking is not permitted within the casino at this time. Instead, there are a few designated smoking areas outside.

Lucky Eagle Casino has increased background safety precautions

The casinos are doing a lot behind the scenes, as well.

Lucky Eagle’s website shows a Health Safety Standards page that describes everything done to keep its customers safe. A lot of this includes keeping things clean.

The casino now uses hospital-grade products to help sanitize the facility. It also features daily restroom scrubbing via a machine. Also, assigned bathroom attendants conduct hourly soap and water cleansing. Additionally, the casino employs a process to sanitize every flat surface facility-wide

Patrons also have access to several sanitizing stations, with hand sanitizer and wipes positioned throughout the casino.

Even though a few of the standards might seem overwhelming for some, casinos are trying to keep everyone protected and healthy for the holidays while ensuring a good time.

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