Houston Astros Odds

Houston Astros odds

The long Major League Baseball season means lots of wagering opportunities on the Houston Astros and other MLB teams in states where online sports betting is legal. Texas has yet to introduce sports betting, but when the state does Houston fans will have many ways to bet on their favorite team.

Here’s a guide to betting on the Houston Astros and other ways to wager on MLB action.

Best Houston Astros betting apps

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: If you like Astros player and team props, then DraftKings is the sportsbook for you. It has odds that update frequently and a nice selection of futures bets as well as common MLB bets like moneylines, totals and run lines.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: Fans of parlay betting laud FanDuel. You’ll also find a nice variety of prop bets for Astros players and the team. It also has one of the best live-betting experiences among online sportsbooks.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: Futures odds are numerous for MLB and Houston Astros fans. BetMGM also offers some very competitive game lines. And it has a nice approach to building parlay bets.

How to bet on the Astros online

In states where online sports betting is live, these are the three standard bets you’ll see for betting on baseball games:

Houston Astros moneyline bets 

The moneyline bet is the most popular bet type for newcomers. All it requires is that you pick which team will win the game.

Your potential payout depends on how much you’ve bet and the odds at the time you finalize your bet. Negative odds, such as -155, indicate which team is the favorite to win. Positive odds, like +220, indicate the underdog.

Houston Astros run line bets 

You’ve likely heard of a point spread bet. The run line bet is baseball’s version of that. The favorite has a number of runs that it must win by, and you decide if it can win by that many runs or more. The underdog, meanwhile, must prevent that from happening for bets on that side to win.

What sets the run line apart is that the standard number is always 1.5 runs, and the odds vary more than you would see for a regular point spread bet.

Houston Astros over/under bets 

When you bet on totals — aka over/unders — you are betting on the total combined score of a game. The sportsbook will set a line, and you can bet on the final total score ending up over or under that line.

This is one of the bets where it doesn’t matter which team wins the game.

Astros team and player props

The bets above aren’t the only way you can wager on the Astros. You can bet on just the first 5 innings, for example. You can also try prop bets, which offer betting options on individual players, one of the teams, or specific game circumstances. There are a variety of props available, but here are some you might come across for baseball:

  • Total strikeouts: This is an over/under bet on how many batters a particular pitcher will strike out in a contest.
  • Player home runs: This is a bet on specific players and if they will hit a certain total of home runs in the game.
  • Awards futures odds: These are for season-long awards, typically the most coveted like the odds to win the American and National League Cy Young Awards or odds on the next AL and NL MVPs.
  • Win total: Place an over/under bet on the total wins that the Astros or another team will put up for the season.

Bet on the Astros live in-game

You can also place online bets on games while they are taking place. Known as live betting, this relatively new addition to the sports betting industry allows bettors to experience a level of engagement not previously available.

Most live betting involves prop bets, over/unders and even the occasional moneyline or run line. The live sports betting odds will shift quickly based on what is happening in the game. Using an online sportsbook or betting app is the most convenient way to participate in live betting.

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Where do the Astros play their home games?

  • Name: Minute Maid Park
  • Address: 501 Crawford St., Houston, Texas
  • Owner: Harris County-Houston Sports Authority
  • Operator: Harris County-Houston Sports Authority
  • Capacity: 41,168
  • Opening date: March 30, 2000
  • Previous names: The Ballpark at Union Station (2000), Enron Field (2000-02), and Astros Field (Feb.-July 2002)

Betting trends for Minute Maid Park

Some parks favor hitters, and others tilt toward pitchers. Minute Maid Park doesn’t sway heavily one way or the other, though it has proved to be slightly more favorable to hitters than pitchers over the years.

The distances to the outfield fences are 409 feet to dead center, 315 feet to left, and 326 feet to right.

Who owns the Houston Astros?

Jim Crane, who is the chairman and chief executive of Crane Capital Group, Crane Worldwide Logistics and Crane Freight and Shipping, purchased the Houston Astros from Drayton McLane in 2011 for $680 million.

Will Minute Maid Park have a sportsbook?

It could, depending on whether Texas ever allows sports betting and the rules it implements if it does so. If that happens, though, there is a definite candidate for Minute Maid Park. In May 2022, the Houston Astros announced a partnership with BetMGM as the exclusive sports betting partner of the organization.

Under the agreement, there will be BetMGM signage at the park, including in the outfield, and fans will have the option to participate in VIP experiences. The team and the sportsbook will also team up to offer special betting promotions.

How to watch or listen to the Houston Astros online

If you want to listen to the games, you can find them on KDME 790 AM and KBME 94.5 FM, with announcers Robert Ford and Steve Sparks. A Spanish-language broadcast is available at KLAT 1010 AM with Francisco Romero and Alex Trevino.

To watch the Astros on television, tune into AT&T SportsNet Southwest, available through the DirecTV Stream Choice Plan. Out-of-market fans can watch the games on MLB.tv.

Astros franchise leaders and retired numbers

The Houston Astros aren’t the oldest team in the MLB by any stretch, but they’ve had some outstanding players who have come through their organization over the decades. Here are the Astros with retired jerseys:

  • No. 5 — Jeff Bagwell
  • No. 7 — Craig Biggio
  • No. 24 — Jimmy Wynn
  • No. 25 — Jose Cruz
  • No. 32 — Jim Umbricht
  • No. 33 — Mike Scott
  • No. 34 — Nolan Ryan
  • No. 40 — Don Wilson
  • No. 49 — Larry Dierker

Here are the Houston Astros’ all-time stat leaders in some key categories:

  • Hits: Craig Biggio, 3,060
  • Home runs: Jeff Bagwell, 449
  • RBIs: Jeff Bagwell, 1,529
  • Runs: Craig Biggio, 1,844
  • Wins: Joe Niekro, 144
  • ERA: Justin Verlander, 2.29
  • Strikeouts: Nolan Ryan, 1,866
  • Saves: Billy Wagner, 225