UTSA Roadrunners college football odds

The University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners are practically college football babies, having played their first season in 2011. But they sure learned how to get up and run pretty quickly, earning their first Conference USA title in 2021.

For Roadrunners fans, the growth of their program has been very exciting. For sports bettors in Texas, UTSA football gives them another chance to get in on the betting action during college football season.

Below, check out the latest UTSA football odds and more information you need to get started betting UTSA football online at Texas online sportsbooks.

This week’s UTSA Roadrunners point spread odds

See current odds for the next UTSA football game below. You can find UTSA Roadrunners odds for point spreads, moneylines and totals.

UTSA Roadrunners Conference Championship odds

Below, find the latest UTSA Roadrunners conference odds from Texas sportsbooks (which will soon hopefully become legal). Click on any odds to go straight to the corresponding TX online betting site.

How to bet on UTSA football online

College football is hugely popular among sports bettors across the country. Here in Texas, football has reigned supreme for quite some time, so it’s no surprise that college football odds will be huge at the sportsbooks.

What is the UTSA football moneyline?  

The most popular bet with newcomers to sports betting is the moneyline. It’s also the simplest to understand: just pick a winner between the two matched-up teams. That’s not always easy, of course, but the concept is a breeze.

Sports bettors often find that BetMGM has a large selection of college football opportunities, including moneylines. The company cut its teeth in Las Vegas, so it’s no surprise it specializes in this most traditional college football bet on the BetMGM Sportsbook app.

A moneyline bet at a Texas sportsbook might look like this:

  • UTSA Roadrunners  -170
  • Texas State Bobcats +165

In this example, you can see the Roadrunners are the favorite because of the team’s negative odds. Underdogs, on the other hand, are typically identifiable because of their positive odds.

Negative odds show us how much we have to wager in order to win $100 in profits. Positive odds tell us how much we stand to win with a $100 bet. So if you were to bet $170 on a successful Roadrunners victory, your payout would be $270, which is your original bet returned to you plus $100 in profits. Meanwhile, a $100 winning bet on the Bobcats would pay $165 plus your original $100 wager.

What is the UTSA football point spread?  

While the moneyline bet is the most popular bet type for newcomers, stats show the point spread bet is the most popular among experienced bettors.

Moneyline bets can lose value because of how lopsided the odds can become in a game where one team is anticipated to dominate. The point spread bet evens the playing field by assigning a number of points by which the favorite must win to cover the bet. If they fail to win by that amount or more, then bets on the underdog pay out.

FanDuel has a nice lineup of college football point spread bets, which is likely to make it one of the most popular Texas sportsbooks when sports betting is legalized. Texas teams, such as UTSA, are typically available every week on the FanDuel betting app.

You might come across a point spread bet that looks similar to this:

  • UTSA Roadrunners                            -9.5 (-110)
  • Southern Miss Golden Eagles        +9.5 (-110)

In this scenario, the Roadrunners need to win by at least 10 points in order for bets on their side of the point spread to win. Bettors who choose the underdog here only need to hope Southern Miss loses by nine points or fewer.

On both sides of this bet, the odds stand at -110, which means you need to put down a $110 stake to win $100 in profit. Of course, you can bet as little or as much as you want, but your potential payout will be determined by the amount of your bet, plus the odds at the time you finalized your bet slip.

UTSA football over/under bets 

Also known as the over/under, totals bets are unlike their above-mentioned counterparts because there is no need to worry about which team is going to win the game. Instead, your focus is simply on how many points the two teams will combine to score.

Oddsmakers will predict a total number of points, and you have to decide whether the two squads have the firepower to score higher than that or the defenses will hold the total below that amount.

You’ll find quite a few over/under betting opportunities with the Caesars sports betting app, one of the oldest names in the entire betting industry. Totals bets, available with all major sports, are a key part of Caesars’ offerings.

A totals bet could look like this at your sportsbook:

  • Over         51.5 (-110)
  • Under      51.5 (-120)

If you bet the over, you’re hoping the teams will combine for a score of 52 points or higher, such as a 30-24 final. For the under, you want 51 or below.

Both odds are negative here, which means you have to wager that amount to win $100. The under has a slightly higher expectation, which is why the betting odds are a little better for the over.

UTSA Roadrunners prop bets 

While difficult to research, prop bets are known as a bit more fun than the above trio of bet types. They can concern anything from player performance to coin flips and rarely have anything to do with the outcome of the game.

Instead, you’ll find prop bets for individual performances, team performances, game-time situations and more. They range from super serious and stat-based to far more relaxed and lighthearted.

DraftKings, which first became a powerhouse in the daily fantasy sports industry, has a nice variety of prop bets, especially for the games featuring more popular and powerful teams. DK also posts lines comparable to its competitors, and they’re sometimes even better when bonuses or promotions are used.

One example of a potential prop bet is below:

Will the UTSA Roadrunners have over/under 300 yards rushing in the game? 

  • Yes (+145) or No (+160)

You’ll also find that live betting offers up a lot of prop bets for you to take advantage of while the game is underway. You’ll need an account with an online sportsbook to participate in live betting.

UTSA Roadrunners football coaching staff

The Roadrunners are one of the youngest Division I football teams in the country, which means they haven’t had a lot of time to go through head coaches. Below, we take a look at the current coaching staff, as well as the list of head coaches who have led the Roadrunners football program.

  • Head coach: Jeff Traylor
  • Associate head coach: Joe Price
  • Defensive coordinator: Jess Loepp
  • Offensive coordinator/tight ends: Justin Burke

The UTSA Roadrunners NCAAF team has had just three head coaches in the history of the program. They are listed below.

  • Jeff Traylor (2020-current)
  • Frank Wilson (2016-2019)
  • Larry Coker (2011-2015)

Where do the UTSA Roadrunners play their home games?

The facilities in which the Roadrunners play are actually quite a bit older than the team itself. The Alamodome is an indoor multi-purpose stadium. Here are some details about the Roadrunners’ home.


  • Address: 100 Montana Street, San Antonio, Texas
  • Owner: City of San Antonio
  • Operator: San Antonio Convention and Sports Facilities Department
  • Capacity: 64,000 for football
  • Opened: May 15, 1993
  • Expanded: 2006
  • Construction cost: $186 million ($349 million in 2021 dollars)
  • Other events: Alamo Bowl (NCAA bowl game) and High School All-American Bowl

How to watch and listen to UTSA Roadrunners football games

To watch the Roadrunners in action, you can catch some games at:

  • CBS Sports
  • Longhorn Network
  • ESPN

For streaming services, you can find some games at:

  • ESPN+
  • Facebook Live (UTSA Athletics)

If you’d rather listen to the games, tune your dial to:

  • KTKR 760 AM (San Antonio)
  • KPRT 92.5 FM (San Antonio)
  • KPRT 93.3 FM (San Antonio)

You can also stream the games over the internet via:

  • TuneIn App
  • iHeartRadio

A brief history of the UTSA Roadrunners football team

Formed in 2011, the Roadrunners don’t have a very deep history. Read below to see what they’ve been able to make happen in their relatively short existence.

  • 2023: UTSA will compete in the All-American Athletic Conference after spending 10 years in CUSA
  • 2021: The Roadrunners get their first top 25 ranking in Week 8 of the season as a No. 24 in the ESPN Power Rankings and in the AP Poll and were ranked No. 25 in the Coaches Poll.
  • 2019: Jeff Traylor is hired as the team’s new head coach.
  • 2018: Defensive end Marcus Davenport is the first Roadrunner to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft—14th overall to the New Orleans Saints.
  • 2016: UTSA plays in its first-ever bowl game when they accept an invitation to the New Mexico Bowl but loses to the New Mexico Lobos, 23-20.
  • 2016: Frank Wilson becomes the Roadrunners’ head coach.
  • 2016: Tight end David Morgan II becomes UTSA’s first-ever All-American and NFL Draft selection: the 188th pick to the Minnesota Vikings.

UTSA Roadrunners Football FAQ

According to SeatGeek.com, the average price of a Roadrunners home game ticket starting price range is from $18 to $23.

No, but they did win a Conference USA title in 2021.

Current coach Jeff Traylor is the team’s winningest coach with a record of 30-10 (.750 win percentage).

As of the 2023 season’s start, UTSA has played in three bowl games but to 0-4 results.

The first was the New Mexico Bowl (2016) where the Roadrunners lost to New Mexico 23-20. The second was the First Responder Bowl (2020) and a 31-24 loss to Louisiana. The third bowl game was the Frisco Bowl (2021) where UTSA fell to San Diego State 38-24. The Roadrunners fell in the Cure Bowl in 2022 to Troy, 18-12

That number stands at four. The first was David Morgan II, a tight end, who was the 188th overall selection and went to the Minnesota Vikings in 2016. In 2018, defensive end Marcus Davenport was selected 14th overall by the New Orleans Saints.

In 2022, two players were chosen by NFL teams. The first was Spencer Burford, a tackle selected by the San Francisco 49ers as the 134th overall pick. Tariq Woolen, a cornerback, was also selected that year by the Seattle Seahawks as the 153rd overall pick.

There have been no consensus All-Americans from UTSA as of July 2022, but running back Sincere McCormick was the first Roadrunners player to be named an All-American by the Associated Press when he was selected to the third team.

Three other players—Lucas Dean, Hunter Duplessis and David Morgan II—have all had some level of All-American honors.