Best Texas Sports Betting Rewards Programs

Texas, get ready to reap the rewards.

When Texas legalizes sports betting, customers will quickly learn all about the various customer loyalty programs that come with every prominent American sportsbook. They all have the same goal: to keep you using their service. But they have different methods and opportunities. Think of these as the deepest, best and most interesting frequent flyer programs you’ve ever seen.

This is a way to win even more on your bets because all of the programs are straightforward: the more you bet, the more rewards you can earn.

Let’s take a close look at the rewards programs that will open when Texas legalizes sports betting. We’ll cover which ones are best and how they can put you in the winner’s circle.

What are sports betting rewards?

Sportsbooks are not a monopoly. They are in competition with one another to bring in customers and retain them. One of the biggest ways they do that is through their rewards programs. Usually, you’re automatically enrolled in the program offered by your sportsbook. Of course, you aren’t limited to just one sportsbook to use, and one of the ways to discern which sportsbook might be your go-to when the Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers play is to learn about the rewards programs.

All betting rewards programs offer enhanced deals to players, incredible merchandise and discounts, and they grow the more you spend.

How do I get rewards for betting on sports online in Texas?

Usually, just by signing up, you’re automatically enrolled in the program. It’s linked to your account, and by signing in on your device, you’ll see your status. Caesars puts “Gold” or “Platinum” right at the top of the screen. Then, you can find out what that status means with an easy click.

Most sportsbook reward programs are tier-based. Of course, the more you spend either using an online sportsbook or playing an online casino game, the higher your tier. With each tier you advance, the rewards become greater.

Top Texas sportsbook loyalty & rewards programs

Like an airline, every reputable sportsbook in Texas will have a rewards program. They all have the same general idea, but there are a few that stand out and give you more for your time and money. What are the best betting apps for rewards?

These are some of the best betting loyalty programs that will be available at Texas sports betting sites once legal:

DraftKings Dynasty – The Show Stopper

This is perhaps the biggest rewards program at any U.S. sportsbook. DraftKings calls its program Dynasty, and players earn crowns as currency, which they can spin right back into bets, fantasy games or for use at the Dynasty Store. As you earn crowns, you advance your Dynasty status through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Onyx tiers.

There are ways to earn crowns through free-to-play games, like NFL point spread contests. You earn one crown for every dollar wagered on a parlay and earn even more through playing in the DraftKings online casino. You can gift a tier to a friend if you’re feeling generous (like sharing miles).

The Dynasty Store is like a mini-Amazon shop, with electronics, furniture items and gift cards for restaurants. DraftKings also has “missions,” which are daily chances to earn crowns for playing.

FanDuel – Making The Points

FanDuel has always been numbers-based, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its rewards program is called Points.

It also has a bit of a video game mentality with its tier system, starting off as a Free Agent, then moving up to Practice Squad, Reserve, Prospect, Rookie, Pro, All-Star, MVP, Hall of Famer, Legend and GOAT. The GOAT tier gives you $25,000 in monthly free play. That’s the ultimate high-end.

You can use FanDuel points instead of cash, and you earn points every time you enter a paid contest. Every $1 entry fee earns you five points, and there are daily promos where you can get boosts on your points. Remember us when you become a GOAT.

Caesars – Posting The Rewards

The cool thing about the Caesars Rewards program is how it transcends all its different properties and merchandise. Stay at a Caesars resort? Earn rewards. Make a bet on the Cowboys on the Caesars sportsbook app. Earn the same rewards.

The Caesars tier system is straightforward: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Plus, Diamond Elite and Seven Stars. It’s all accessible through your Caesars betting app and at the kiosks located on Caesars properties.

Caesars also gives you the chance to turn your rewards points right back into straight cash. Every 100 online rewards credits are worth $1 in bonus cash. No matter the tier, you automatically win an extra free bet during your birthday month. Once you get up to Diamond, you can have a $100 celebration dinner at a Caesars Rewards destination. From Platinum level up, you get discounts on Norwegian Cruise Line vacations.

BetMGM – Living The Life

Signing up with BetMGM Sportsbook enrolls you in the BetMGM rewards program.

Throw $100 on a straight bet online, and that earns you 20 BetMGM rewards points. Putting down $100 on a parlay bet grants you 50 BetMGM rewards points. These points turn into perks that you can use all over the Texas map at the various BetMGM locations.

You can get room upgrades, concert tickets or waived fees by using your perks. The tiers are Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum and Noir (invitation only). Gold members get their resort fee waived and $100 in dining credits. Platinum members can get up to $600 in air travel credits.

Do I get rewards for using a sports betting app?

Yes. The rewards are all linked to your account, so whether you are logging in on your phone, your desktop computer or tablet, you automatically start earning rewards.

People who take part in live betting—placing a wager on an event in progress—earn rewards points even faster since they are wagering more often, something to keep in mind.

Can I earn sportsbook rewards online and in person with the same account?

Yes. Whether you are placing a bet on the Dallas Mavericks from the comfort of your bedroom or walking into a retail sportsbook in person, you’ll still be earning rewards points as long as you’re using the same account.

If the retail sportsbook requires a different account than the one you use online, you have the opportunity to link them both and capitalize on the rewards.

How do online rewards differ from retail rewards?

What you see when you click on your sportsbook app will be different from when you actually walk into a retail sportsbook.

Online sportsbooks know they may only have your attention for a short period of time. That’s why sports betting online rewards may be more instantaneous — perhaps a boost on a parlay or more DraftKings Crowns if you double your bet that day. You likely do earn a bit more online from a rewards program than in person.

Retail sportsbooks know that they already have you locked in for a little while if you’re physically present. So if you’re at a Caesars resort, the rewards may be more tailored toward keeping you there longer, like a discount on a hotel room, a five-star restaurant or enhanced casino privileges. They want to make your stay as pleasant (and long) as possible.

What can I get with my sportsbook rewards points?

The short answer is just about anything. This is where the connections of the Texas online sportsbooks show their worth. You can get concert tickets, travel deals and exclusive sportsbook merchandise. We even spotted a full backyard barbecue available, and you know how we like to grill in Texas.

But the main purpose of the rewards program centers around the same things, moving you up in the tiers and earning free bets. Those free bets are extremely popular because you can use them, and when you win, that becomes cash you can withdraw.

Should I sign up for a sports betting rewards program?

There is literally no downside to enrolling in a sports betting loyalty program. Texas sportsbooks will automatically enroll you once you sign up and make your first deposit.

That said, you should do your research and find out just what these perks are. If you’re strictly in the business of sports betting, then you’ll want a rewards program that caters to hitting on parlays and passing out free bets.

If you’re a person who likes to travel and stay in style, then a program that offers upgrades on hotel stays might be the best one for you. Or if you just really like stuff, then a rewards program that allows you the chance to use these points/crowns/rewards on retail items may suit you best.

Overall, when you’re getting something extra for something you would already be doing, can you really go wrong?